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Size: 100 kb (NEW) I saw a random 4-wheeler roller blade commercial and drew this. XD And odd enough as the inspiration was, I'm very proud of this pic. Hail Photoshop and its mighty rainbow gradient. *_* Sarina ©me.~ Posted April 15th, 2001.
Size: 91 kb Scribbles-chan listening to rock holding her Green plushie. ^^ Scribbles Moonshadow ©herself. ~ Posted December 19th, 2001.
Size: 27 kb Sarina wishes you all a merry Christmas! :D Happy holidays! Sarina ©me. ~ Posted December 19th, 2001.
Size: 78 kb Sarina - inpired by my fic. Sarina ©me. ~ Posted October 26th, 2001.
Size: 70 kb Hand-coloured piccie of Scribbles-chan. Scribbles Moonshadow is ©herself. ~ Posted October 26th, 2001.