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Size: 99 kb(NEW) Coshi's original look - complete with clashy clothes! XD This was before I changed her look and made her more anthro-ish, so she was pretty much then a regular yoshi. Ph33r her originalness. Coshi ©me. ~ Posted April 14th, 2002.
Size: 96 kb(NEW) I've been meaning to draw Krystal - Kirby Girl's yoshi char - for a while now, and finally got around to it. Random cheap pose. Krystal de prankster ©Kirby Girl. ~ Posted April 14th, 2002.
Size: 50 kb A long owed piccie for Cammi-sama I hadn't had enough inspiration to draw until now. ~~; Gomen, I must kill that white line. Cammiluna ©her cool self. :D ~ Posted January 27th, 2002.
Size: 13 kb Just a random kawaii baby yellow yoshi hatching from its egg. Picture ©me, Random yoshi ©Nintendo. ~ Posted January 27th, 2002.
Size: 29 kbKawaii chibi Coshi sitting by an egg. Coshi ©me. ~ Posted January 26th, 2002.