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Size: 35 kbHand-coloured Red yoshi running. Red yoshi ©Nintendo. ~Posted December 22nd, 2001.
Size: 26 kbWhite yoshi hand-coloured. White yoshi ©Nintendo.~ Posted December 22nd, 2001.
Size: 114 kbMax-chan with his Tail's plushie - I forgot Tail's gloves. ^^' MaxSnowYoshi ©himself, Tails ©Sega... even though it's a plushie. o_O ~ Posted December 20th, 2001.
Size: 32 kbBaby Light blue yoshi launching an attack. Light blue yoshi ©Nintendo. ~ Posted December 10th, 2001.
Size: 28 kbCoshi at some sort of party. ©Me. ~ Posted October 26th, 2001.