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Full Name: Jade T. Koopa
Race: Yoshi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Abilities: Jade is able to fly,teleport,go through walls,and use large amounts of energy to destroy stuff.Her abilities closely resemble Ryoko's from "Tenchi Muyo".
Past story: Jade grew up in a small village with her sister. She was a school deliquent and trouble maker who didn't do much but cause trouble. When her parents were murdered she was blamed and she left the village forever. She became a well known murderer who killed off villages of families and soon became an assasin.She also did anything for pleasure and would "sleep around" o.o . After losing her job as an assasin she met people from Yoshi's Island,and started to hang around The Markiors Mountain Lair. She encountered love with someone who was evil like her, and then after it didn't work out she found someone with a pure heart,being J.D.L. Good and evil between them clashed with their love and he tamed her and made her good. Her gave her powers that helped her fly and do other things which increased her strength.She had one child with J.D.L and was engaged to him until their family was split apart(reasons unknown for now) and she went back to being evil. She returned to the Lair as a nusience and tried to prove her strength but ended her life with suicide in the end. She currently resides in the "Realm of Torture" but will return to the mortal world with new intentions.
Birthplace: Some random Koopa village
Location: Currently Dead. In a realm where she is inflicted to pain for all eternity, which increases her strength.
Physical Description: Jade has long auburn(reddish brown) hair and blue eyes. She has a scar on her right eye. She has green skin and is usually wearing something a little too *kauf* revealing.
Quote: "Bite me."
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