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Full Name: Kirby Girl
Race: Unknown
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Abilities: She's able to float and hammer people with her sledge hammer.
Past story: Kirby Girl was a Japan 'net pet' that anyone could download off the internet. The project failed badly and only one person downloaded her. She was programmed to have a 'mind of its own' and if you printed her out she would come to life, so that person tried it and, well - she came to life...
Birthplace: Japan
Location: Some strange sugar-high land living with Pikachu Girl and thier pet, Motie, the rabid remote control.
Physical Description: Well, her hair color always changes, but currently she has glow-in-the-dark hot pink hair; she wears a grey t-shirt that says 'I'm with stupid' on it, and baggy navy blue jeans and red running shoes.
Quote: "My hair is so bright a highlighter cannot compare!"
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