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Full Name: Kuro Ikisosou
Race: Feline Black Mage
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Abilities: Black magic (ie:Elemental attacks at any magnitude and status muddling magic) and high agility.
Past story: She's the only hybrid around, and not too fond of that idea...ever since she was small, she was teased about her feline attributes. This depressed her throughout her life and left her saying few words. Her family died because of Sin long before she can remember, and she travels a lot with her "friend" Souijou. Although she's pretty much the exact opposite of Souijou, she still respects her and helps her out any way she can. She's often suicidal and is convinced no one loves her. Her powerful magic spells are very usefull in battle, however, she's not familiar with any weapon at all, which may cause a problem. She also hates large crouds and tries to keep to herself as much as possible.
Birthplace: Zanarkand
Location: Anywhere...she has no home.
Physical Description: A feline/human hybrid, with white ears, tail and pawlike feet. Her left eye (Both eyes are red) bares a small tattoo that goes down onto her cheek, and her right eye has small catlike stripes. She has a cowlick on the left side of her forehead, and her bangs spread out from there. They're a lot longer on the left side, and fall down near her chest. The right side simply goes down to her chin. Her hair is green that fades to blue halfway on her bangs and halfway at the back. She wears a black tight dress with a large red trim that goes around her arms and chest. The sleeves are too long and go down way past her hands, and has the same large red trim that's on the top. There's a small strip of fishnet that goes from the right side of her waste and down the left side of her leg. She wears white platform boots and a small pouch that pins onto the right side of her dress.
Quote: "Just shut up, I'll get rid of them..."
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