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Full Name: Otachi Girl
Race: Sentret/girl
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Abilities: Uses the same magic as Vivi with staffs
Past story: The Powerpuff girls wanted a new sister but they couldn't find Chemical X, so they used Sentrent DNA - thus, Otachi girl was born!! But she ran away and found that amazing box called a Computer!!
Birthplace: The city of Townsville
Location: Follows her friends (Pikachu Girl, Kirby Girl, Mushroom Girl)
Physical Description: Otachi has long sentrent ears, short blonde hair, red cheeks, pink tank top, Sentret circle on tummy, baggy jeans and a long Sentret tail. Sometimes has Vivi hat on.
Quote: "Be who you want to be and the rest comes to you."
*Content and character ©Otachi