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Full Name: Net Surfing Pikachu Girl
Race: Pikachu/Girl
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Abilities: All Pikachu abilities, karate, majikal surfboard that can fold into anything
Past story: Pikachu Girl was born in a test tube; an experiment in Giovanni's lab, mixing Pikachu and human DNA along with a bunch of other carp that made her become who she is. Intended to be "PikaTwo", and learning that she was a freak the moment she was born, Pikachu Girl blew up the lab, bid them all gooday, and went on with her merry business. She soon stumbled upon a freak just like her - Kirby Girl, a fellow hyper retard. The two soon became the best of friends and to this day continue to live peacefully in sugar-induced randomness with their pet remote control, Motie, who enjoys tearing off limbs.
Birthplace: Viridian City
Location: Goes wherever the heck she feels like
Physical Description: Pikachu/girl with a tuft of long bangs wearing a light blue tank top, navy blue jean flares, lilac shoes and bow thing tied onto left ear.
Quote: "Flee the starfish!! They are evil, I tell j00! %D"
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