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Full Name: Rina Highfire
Race: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Abilities: -
Past story: Rina, born on Cinnibar Island of Kanto, became gym leader at the age of 11 and set out on her own Pokémon journey at 14. Rina's mother got re-married to an older man when Rina was young, making her step sister to Blaine (he's a lot younger than he looks, okay? o_O; And in RP he is younger...). Her other relative include Professor Oak, her great uncle. As soon as Rina set off on her journey, Blaine took over - much to her disgust. Rina travelled all over Kanto and soon became rivals with Misty before then exploring Johto as well. Along the journey, her faithful friend and favourite Pokémon, Flareon fought by her side.
Birthplace: Cinnibar Island
Location: Travelling (But swears to return to her gym when her journey is through)
Physical Description: Rina's clothes vary, but she is often seen wearing jeans, a red t-shirt, and some sort of jacket or vest. Her hair is bright red with semi-short bangs, and the rest tied up in a ponytail falling only to the back of her neck. She also carries a blue backpack and wears a gold pendant.
Quote: "A good trainer would know never to give up - and to use their Pokémon's abilities to conquer their weaknesses."
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