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Full Name: Seru Fiera
Race: Human/Fox
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Abilities: Stealing
Past story: Seru was born in Alexandria, where she grew up and learned everything she knew from her father. When she was 15, her father died and so she became a pickpocket and moved to Treno. Seru went back to Alexandria for a visit after stealing a front row ticket to "I Want To Be Your Canary", and there she met her first friend in a long time, Vivi. She accidentally managed to get herself caught up in the entire kidnapping of Princess Garnet that day and thusly 'sort of' became part of the party - however, Seru mostly popped in and out, rather than staying loyal to the group the whole time. She was typically seen flirting with Zidane without having much of an affect on him due to his feelings for Garnet. At one point, Seru dissapeared - but not of her own free will. She was captured by Kuja, most likely because of her constant mocking of him - to his face or not, and was left in a closed-in locked room. Seru was unable to escape the room, so she waited for Zidane and the others to come for her. This thought occured to Kuja, so he decided to dispose of her quickly. He tried his usual floor traps, but in vain to her trickster ways. In the end, Kuja entered the room saying, "I'll finish you myself, you pest." Seru, taken by surprise, muttered her last words there, "What are you...?" before she was killed. Zidane and the others continued to search for her, but stopped abruptly when they found the ribbon from her hair touched with blood. Seru's ghost declared in a whisper that 'it was a noble cause, dying to tell Kuja what an idiot he was'.
Birthplace: Alexandria
Location: Currently dead, but probably haunting Kuja.
Physical Description: Basically an anime girl, with light brown fox ears and tail, and brown eyes. Has red hair with some of it tied back in pigtails with ice pink ribbon that leaves a strand of ribbon dangling from each pigtail. She wears a short red vest unbuttoned down to her stomach with a yellow shirt underneath, a pastel pink shawl tied by a red jewel around her shoulders, pink baggy pants, a red choker, gold armlet, brown gloves with dark brown rims and brown boots with gold buckles, and carries a short sword for a weapon in a scabbard attached to the belt weaved through the bottom of her vest.
Quote: "Yeah - I'm part of the group, but I do what I want, too!"
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