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Full Name: Souijou Hitoshizuki
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Abilities: Water magic, some fighting (Mostly kicking and punching) and able to throw Blitzballs.
Past story: She was qute similar to Kuro's personality when she was smaller, due to severe unpopularity. She knew Tidus all her life, and treated him like a close brother. She joined his Blitzball team, and lacking talent for the game, she was often ridiculed by her team mates and the audience. Kuro found sympathy for her, and tried to help. She granted Souijou with minor water magic, which helped greatly while playing Blitzball. Quickly her popularity grew, and she looked at Kuro like a best friend. She insists that Kuro comes along with her, Tidus and all of his friends on their journey, however, Kuro doesn't like that idea (Too many people). Kuro still comes along, but she keeps her distance and only really talks to Souijou. Souijou also has a huge crush on Wakka, ever since he taught her how to use a Blitzball as a weapon. She cherishes happiness to it's full extent, because of her grim past.
Birthplace: Zanarkand
Location: Travelling with her buds!
Physical Description: She has long blue bangs that fall over her forehead and over her blue eyes. A wisp of red hair comes out front of both ears, and her hair is tied back into a (very) messy bun. More red strands randomly fall out of her bun. She wears a tight Blitzball uniform, that starts at her neck and flares out at the shoulders. Her arms are sleeveless, and she wears golden cuffs around her forearms. A diamond shape is cut out at her chest, revealing her bust, and down at her belly button. Two golden stripes go in towards the diamon shape cutouts from the back of the suit. She wears a very large black belt around her waste which is quite loose, leaving a lot of extra leather. The suit goes down to her knees, where golden kneepads protect her. Golden straps go up from the kneepads on either side, and go up to her waste. She also has black shoes with a very "grippy" bottom. Two ribbon-like pieces of material fall from her shoulderblades, and are tipped with gold.
Quote: "Happiness is not an emotion - it's a privelage!"
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