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Full Name: Vaporshi Iceshade
Race: Vaporeon/Yoshi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Abilities: Known as one of the fastest swimmers on Yoshi Island. Uses Ice/Water powers and is rumoured to start a few rainstorms. Able to resist any temperature of water and can resist large amounts of heat and ice.
Past story: Vaporshi was originally a Vaporeon who became the Queen of Vaporeons. After dealing with tragedy and loss of her husband she left to find a new place to live in. She came upon Yoshies Island where she encountered the Element of Water, whom gave her the body of a yoshi with her physical attributes of a Vaporeon.
Birthplace: Unknown
Location: She now lives by the East shores of Yoshi Island in her Ocean Palace.
Physical Description: Vaporshi is a light blue yoshi with long Blonde hair,Green eyes, and a tail which resembles a mermaids.She usually wears casual clothes such as jeans and a tube top.
Quote: "RAR! o.o"
Vaporshi's other characters:
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