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Hello! ^^ You are about to enter Coshi's Cloud - But keep a few things in mind before you go waltzing in there. First of all, this is a site mainly dedicated to Nintendo and contains mostly yoshi fan art, so if you don't like yoshi, don't come in. ;P Second, you *MUST* use Microsoft Internet Explorer, cuz, otherwise, the page will majorly screw up while loading. o.O; I'm really sorry about that, but that's how it is for now. Thirdly, there may be mild swearing. ^_^;; Nothing major - that stuff's blocked out with &*^$#@! or *bleep*, but... yeah. o_O If you're sensitive about that, maybe you should head back to land of bunnies and candy where you came from. Alright? Alright. Click the thing above then, to enter, and you can email me for complaints or whatever. X3