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[ I'll always be...right beside you ]

  Disk One [Tracks]:


  Christina Aguilera - "We're a miracle"
  M2M - "Pretty Boy"
  Delerium - "Innocente"
  Linkin Park - "With You"
  Chad Kroeger - "Hero"
  Lifehouse - "Spin"
  Matthew Good - "Weapon"
  Train - "Drops of Jupiter"
  Sum41 - "Over My Head"
  Hoobastank - "Crawling in the Dark"
  DJ Sammy - "Heaven"


Disk One [Lyrics]:

  We're a Miracle:

Here we are safe at last
We can breathe a sigh
It seems the storm has passed
Through it all, no one knew
That all the tears in heaven
Could bring me back to you
No one I know imagined we would make it
But it only matters that we both believe.
You and me we're a miracle
Meant to be and nothing can change it
Mountains move and oceans part
When they are standing in