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Character roles:

Cloud - Coshi
Tifa - Coshi
Yuffie - Coshi
Barret - Coshi
Cid - Otachi
Sephiroth - Coshi
Zidane - Otachi
Eiko - Otachi
Amarant - Otachi
Quina - Otachi

Given situation: locked in a room with four walls.

Cloud: Who the hell keeps shoving us in these situations?!

Zidane: I don't know, dude!

[ Otachi: XD I love to, ummm... ]

[ Coshi: o_o; Dude, since when did Zidane say "dude", dude? That's like, my line, dude! ]

[ Otachi: Since I made him, dude. ]

Zidane: DUDE!!

Tifa: ...

Yuffie: Yeah, what Cloud said! What kind of sick, twisted minds would randomly shove game chars up random scenes?!

[ Coshi: You flatter me. XD ]

Amarant: Must be some sick loser.

[ Otachi: *glare* How dare you say that! ]

*a random mog comes up and hits Amarant over the head with a mallet*

Amarant: O.o;;

Barret: You two are as much of sick psychos as Cloud is a nut!

Cloud: What's that supposed to mean?!

Tifa: Hey - let's not start, you two.

Cid: @%#$ing idiots!

Tifa: ... How are we supposed to get out of here...?

Yuffie: I'm clostrophobic...

Eiko: Clo-stro-pho-bic?

Random Black Mage: Wow! She knows lots of difficult words!

[ Otachi: O_o; Man, I have to stop quoting all the time. ]

Tifa: It means she's afraid of small enclosed areas...

Cloud: And damnit, there isn't much room, is there. Move over, Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Remind me to kill you all.

Quina: I'm hungry again!

[ Otachi: Ok, umm... here! ]

*a box appears*

Quina: What in here? *opens box* OOOH! FROG!

Cid: What?! All I see is some ^&%*ing tea!

[ Otachi: It's a magic box that gives you your favourite food! ]

Zidane: DUDE!

Yuffie: ... *twitches*

Cloud: Didn't I tell you to move over, Sephiroth? I'm squished here in this corner...

Sephiroth: I can't; the gun-armed man is occupying space as well...

Cloud: Barret! Shove over!

Barret: Why you bastards, it ain't me! It's this tiny little &^#*$ing box!!

Quina: *gobble* Good food!!

[ Otachi: Ummm, I think that's enough play. *box goes away* ]

Cid: NNNOOO!! I didn't drink my &@%#ing tea yet!!

Tifa: Don't we need to find a way out of this box...?

Cloud: Yeah... it's hell sitting next to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Remind me to kill you especially painfully.

Cid: Shut up, Sephy!

*random mog hits Sephy with a mallet*

Zidane: DUDE!!

[ Coshi: DUDE, where's my Chocobo?! XD !!!! *shuts up* ]

Tifa: *presses on various walls with no luck* Looks like we're stuck in here...

Barret: Oh no we ain't! Stand back! *poses with his gun arm ready to fire*

Cloud: Barret, NO!

Barret: *shoots the walls only to find that they're bullet proof* #*@%!! Great, just great! We're stuck in this &*#^@ing tiny box!

Eiko: Need entertainment...

Amarant: It's entertainment enough to watch all you wimps crawl all over yourselves.

Quale: You people in darkness, need some light.

[ Otachi: Light, eh? ]

*a cable TV appears and gaudy singing type music comes on*

Cid: ^*$%&!!! No Square games!! What the hell do you do without %@*#ing Square games?!

[ Coshi: WTF, Cid?! XD You guys ARE Square chars! ]

Cloud: *blink* o_o

[ Coshi: And damn hot ones. @_@ ]

Tifa: ... oo'

[ Otachi: Yesss! And Amarant is damn hot!! @_@ ]

Amarant: ... *sweatdrop*

Eiko: *turns channel to Elmo* Yay!

[ Otachi: NNNOOOO!! The evil red monkey!!

Zidane: Hey!! Dude.

Tifa: *grabs the remote control and switches channels* Hm? What's this show? *watches Pokemon*

[ Coshi: Oh no... GUESS WHAT EPISODE IT IS! %D ]

Cloud: *has seizures... again!*

Tifa: Oh no, Cloud! *holds him*

Cloud: Blue... red... AGH!

Tifa: Hey Sephiroth - this guy's having seizures. Can you move over?

Sephiroth: Do you people ever listen? It's HIM who's taking up all the room! *points at Barret*

Barret: ... What?

[ Otachi: Shut up, Sephy! *random mog hits Sephy over the head with a mallet* ]

Quina: *changes channel* Cooking show!!

Tifa: Ooh! *watches and forgets about Cloud*

Cloud: X_x

Eiko: I think the chocobo-headed guy died...

Tifa: *blink* ! *looks back at Cloud* Cloud? You can't die!

Barret: Uh, I dunno... that's pretty normal for Cloud. *pokes him*

Cloud: @_o Huh? *twitches* What happened?

Cid: #%@*!!

Tifa: Er... It's okay, Cloud... you just had seizures again.

Cloud: ... I did?

Amarant: .... Nutcase.

Zidane: Dude!!

Tifa: He's not a nutcase...!

Cloud: ....

Amarant: Well, that ninja is sure a nutcase...

Yuffie: ... MUST GET OUT!! *bangs on the walls* We're gonna DIE in here!! AAAGH!


Amarant: You are all nutcases...

Barret: What's with you, anyway?! Damn $#^*&...

Amarant: *punches Barret* Nutcase!!

Barret: You ^%*$!!! Y'aint gettin' away with that!!! *shoots at Amarant*

[ Otachi: o_o; Don't shoot people!! *puts Barret in a bubble*

Cid: HAHAHA!! That's $&@$ing funny!!

Zidane: Sweet!!

[ Coshi: *puts Amarant in a bubble too, just in case* ]

Tifa: *walks in between Barret and Amarant, dragging Cloud with her* You two - fighting is the last thing we need right now.

Cloud: o.o

[ Otachi: Amarant!! Noooooo!! ]

Cid: ^$%#@!!

Zidane: Dude! That's not right, dude!!

Cid: ^#%$*!!! *hits Sephy over the head with a mop*

Zidane: DUDE!!!

Sephiroth: Rrr... T_T

[ Coshi: o_O' ]

Yuffie: I'm scared.

Cloud: o.o

[ Otachi: Need something... random. Hhhmmm... ]

*Playstation and Square games appear - but oh no! No video!*

[ Otachi: Ha! Now you have Square games but you can't see it!! ]

Everyone: NOOOOOOOO!!! *implode, thus ending the story*

[ Coshi: THE END! XD ]

[ Otachi: What the hell is with you and imploding?! ]

Cid: *would randomly swear if he didn't implode*

The End!!! XD