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Bored already? XP Well then, you have to visit these sites. All are yoshi-related in some way... some more than others. Go ahead and see for youself. And if you have a website you wanna see listed here, I'd be happy to add it if you email me.
Luna's Yoshi Sanctuary - An excellent Yoshi site all fans should visit if they haven't already, by the famous pencil-weilding Luna Yoshi!
Yoshi Hyrule - Reccomended site by Poshi, that used to be Pokémon and yoshi based, but now it's more to do with music, anime and art. Regardless, it's still an awesome site.
The Yoshi Island Network - Definately worth a visit. Yoster's got a great selection of stuff on his site and an awesome art gallery.
The Yoshi Yellow Pages - Vaporshi-sama put together an awesome new site - The Yoshi Yellow Pages - the most complete index of Yoshi links on the net!
The Cutest Little Yoshi Page on the Web - Very kawaii and totally yoshi-based. ^^
Yoshi 6400's Web Zone - New, cool Yoshi site by Yoshi6400! :D
Coral's Yoshi Corner - A great site with all the features included in most Yoshi sites by another awesome artist -- Coral! :D
Yomi's Pad - Kawaii little site filled with Yomi's art and other yoshi-related stuff.
NeoYoshi City - If you like Yoshi and you like Neopets, you'll like this site. :D Yoshi K73 put all sorts of stuff there to amuse yourself with. Worth a visit!