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Pic ©LunaYoshi

* ~ * .:: Coshi Icedge ::. * ~ *

Name: Coshi M. Icedge
Other Chars: Sarina Nijiro, Befu-san
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Yoshi
Location(s): The Yoshi Aurorium, Coshi's Cloud, Other unknown places.
Martial Status: Single, and not looking. :P
Friends: Zorina, Kirby Girl, Canadian Yosheh, Scribbles, Matio64, Pink, Kazzie, Everlyn, Glitter, Jade, Misty, etc.
Enemies: [none]
Websites: Ecruteak Tower <~~Hasn't been updated since May o_O;;;;, Coshi's Cloud <~~Is no where near done, Chibi Rep Haven, Guardia Forest. [If you can't click on it, it's not up yet. o.O;]
Current Obsession(s): Chrono Trigger, FF7, Rockman X, Inu Yasha, Tenchi Muyo
Relatives: CY-san's my brother, and he's got a whole lot of relatives, and I'm too lazy to sort out how many neices and cousins I have. :P
Personality: Coshi is usually friendly and stuff towards others, with exceptions of course, depending on her mood. While normally serious, she can be very hyper at times. And when she sets her mind to do something, it's hard to stop her. Often timid, Coshi is sometimes too scared to talk to people. nn;;; Yeah. o.O
Art Idols: Sparkle Yosheena, Luna Yoshi, Bara-chan, etc.

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