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=Chibi reps=

Greetings. :3 No doubt you ventured this way due to the mere thought "What's a Chibi rep?" Well, I shall begin to tell you.

The idea somehow found its way to my head one day in 2001. IRL, I'd often express myself less verbally and more artistically, thus producing a lot of doodles all over my school notebooks. Then, I thought, what if I made up some sort of little winged chibi anime/animal thing to represent someone? It would include characteristics that express the inner half of a person, and be more fun to draw. This was when I created Befu-san.

Heaven knows how I thought of such random things, but I wanted my little character representative of me to have a japanese-like name - and I knew my IRL name pronnounced in japanese was Erizabefu. Thinking it too long, I merely took the end Befu and called my character that. The san is a japanese add-on.

I made my character somewhat of a mixture of my other ones - Befu-san had rabbit ears like Sarina, a pendant like Coshi's, and a Pikachu tail like Pikachu Girl - plus, Carcaptor Sakura's hair, because I *LOVE* her hair, and I was obsessed with it at the time. This produced the Befu-san you see today.

It didn't stop at this. After I created Befu-san, I wanted to create representatives for my IRL friends, and so I did, along with their help. These two were Neko-chan and Peppy-san. From then on, I would doodle the little things all over my notebooks and agenda.

Some months later, I timidly introduced the idea to Luna's message board. And surprisingly enough, a lot of people liked the idea. Chibi reps became popular for a while, then sort of faded. o_O But the idea is still open for any one to create a character. Just remember that I thought of it.

The real original idea of chibi reps, was for hyper insanity purposes and to express ideas or thoughts humorously through doodles. If you're thinking about creating a chibi rep, just remember a few guidelines:

  • All chibi reps have wings
  • Chibi reps lack noses, fingers, toes, and other... parts. oO;
  • Chibi reps don't wear clothes, unless you're talking about scarves or hats
  • Chibi reps are CHIBI
  • It's best for chibi reps to have weird coloured hair and skin. XD