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=Email the Webmistress=

 Feel free to email me, like I've said... ^_^ However, please keep a few things in mind:
  • Please don't flame or SPAM my inbox with repeated or pointless emails
  • Please keep the subject specific e.g. If you're sending me a pic, make the subject "Piccie for you" and such xX;
  • Please *DON'T* ask me for request pictures. >_<;; If I'm *ever* taking requests, (rarely) then I will offer it. In the meantime, no requests, alrightie? ;D
  • Be friendly please. ^^;; No mean stuff, flaming, or anti-yoshi emails. @_o
  • *wave* Hey! I don't mind emails that just say "hi!" and "I like your site!" :D Really... I don't mind! o.O; *winkwinknudgenudgehinhint* :3

 And that's all. ^_^ Please follow the guidelines, and you can click here to email me.